Your first Lode or Mother Lode allocation must be purchased at time of sign-up to officially begin your club membership. Your 20% club member discount begins with your first club purchase

For online sign-ups, your credit card will be automatically charged for the most recent club release at time of sign-up. You will receive a separate email notification of the order receipt and may then pick up your wines at the tasting room. Any changes to the wines in your first allocation can be made when you pick up the wines

Two additional club allocations (either local pick-up or shipments where available) are required prior to cancelling your membership to avoid a $100 early cancelation fee

Notice to cancel your membership must be in writing and sent via email to at least one week prior to club release date and/or shipment. Once processing has begun, club releases and/or shipments cannot be cancelled or refunded

CO members: We will hold your wines for a maximum of three months from the time of transaction. After three months, the wines will be restocked and we cannot guarantee availability. Substitutions may be necessary for wines picked up more than three months from the time of transaction. Please contact us if you need to make alternative arrangements

Out-of-state members: Your shipment will be processed and sent via UPS at the time of transaction. Please contact us in advance to make alternative arrangements for local pick-up or to hold your shipment. Your shipment cannot be cancelled or held once in transit with UPS. You are responsible for any fees for rerouted or returned shipments